Manufacturer of Standup Pouches

Manufacturer of Stand Up Pouches, Stand Up Zipper Pouches, Reseal Standup Zipper Pouches, Recloseable Stand Up Zipper Pouches , Gusset Stand Up Pouches specially for food products packaging.

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Manufacturer of Standup Pouches
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The Company

We are leading manufacturer and innovator in Stand Up Pouches having its manufacturing facility in India since 1991 and marketing offices in Australia, Newzeland, Canada, Europe, U.K., USA. We manufacture products for a wide range of industries including food, Coffee Industries, pet food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, agriculture, pesticides, hygiene & detergents.

We offer a full range of packaging solutions for almost all types of industries.

We are certified under ISO 9001/2000, and is in the process of certifying for ISO 14000 and ISO 18000, placing it in the highest standards of quality in the industry. In addition, Our research and development facilities are at the industry vanguard

Our Vision

We continue to be a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of Food products packaging solutions.
Driven by technology and innovation, We are at the forefront of bringing new developments to its customers and the general marketplace.

We commit ourself to the pursuit of excellence in customer service and quality assurance. We embrace building long-term relationships with our clients and vendors.

The company is growing because of the trained and dedicated employees who have devoted their time and knowlwdge to create our company's vision specializing in food products pacakging.




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